Activities at Shodhan Farm near Kanakapura

Zero Budget Natural Farming


The farm was setup by Dhanu to change his lifestyle, and get more connected with the earth and soil. He has worked hard over months to set it up as a ZBNF – with farm animals, a variety of fruit trees, vegetables and crops – to make it a natural, self sustaining place. It’s an awesome way to spend a weekend learning about this.

The huge upside, apart from learning about the food we eat, the soil that grows it and the natural cycle this happens within, is that you eat excellent, healthy, fresh food for a couple of days at least!

We welcome those who love nature, are environmentally conscious, keen to learn and experience sustainable farming methods. Our farm is open to visitors only on weekends.

Farm Experience Tour & Activities at the farm

Learn & Experience low cost, eco-sustainable organic & natural farming methods (eg. sowing methods, vermicomposting, mulching, intercropping, various composts/manure, pest control, feeding farm animals)

Bring along a pair of binoculars and we will show you different species of birds that frequent our farm.

Identification of trees, plants and their uses
Know about Bio-diversity and its importance
Understand options available for alternative energy resources and harnessing them
Learn various water conservation techniques
Interaction with farm animals

If interested and possible, one can also participate in routine & seasonal farming activities

Good to know

This is not a resort.
Since this is a working farm, at times we may not be able to spend quality time with everybody.
Please wear appropriate footwear (comfortable sandals or shoes and avoid high heeled footwear) and bring a hat.
Get an additional set of clothes for small children, in case they decide to play in the water or slush.
We expect you to carry back all your non-biodegradable items
Please let us know in advance about your visit and number of people.


kabbaladurga bheemana-kindi frombheemanakindi2

The area is full of hills, rocks and boulders to climb! Kabbaladurga is a huge hillock and fairly challenging hike – many travel there from Bangalore to go climb this alone. And right opposite the campsite is the mythologically interesting Bheemana Kindi – the views from there – including of the campsite – are worth the short hike up.

Camping, Stargazing, Bonfires, Doing Nothing.

Staying in the tents, with minimal-yet-comfortable stuff, sitting under the stars and living a farm life for a couple of days is a very different, relaxed vacation all by itself. We’ll setup a bonfire in the evenings and have books and board games to keep you engaged with zero-screen time for a whole weekend 🙂